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Online Resources

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PuzzleMaker. Create your own puzzles and mazes.
FunSchool.Com (Ages 5-12) Kids can choose from over 300 interactive activities and games organized by grade level. Most have a specific educational theme, but you'll find a generous helping of arcade games.
Student Research Sites Educational resource for grades 7 and up Fun, educational, and safe site on the Web.



The Internet Picture Dictionary Learn Spanish visually by looking at pictures of objects accompanied by their Spanish translation.
  • Grade Level: 3-12  
  Bitesize Spanish Practice listening, reading, speaking and writing Spanish with online lessons and review quizzes.
  • Grade Level: 7-12  
 Translator Alligator Test your knowledge of Spanish with this challenging and fun game.
  • Grade Levels: 2-12  
 Who's Who In The Hispanic Web Links to famous latinos who are reperesented on the Web.  
  • English as Second Language
  • These web sites are for students studying English as a Second Language (ESL). They contain quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, random-sentence generator and other study materials. Even though the primary focus is for ESL, native English speakers may also find some interesting things on these sites.  



Children's Literature Web Guide. (Ages 14 up) This site will help you find books for children of all ages.  
Stories to Grow By. (Ages 6-12) Online library of short stories gathered from around the world.  


Beat the Calculator filled with mental tips to do quick arithmetic in your head.  
FunBrain Has games like 'Math Baseball' and 'Change Maker'.  


KidsHealth (Ages 8-18). Covers all the bases from acne to x-rays.
Ability Hug Resources for Assistive Technology.
BrainPop Get ready to learn the ropes of health and science with cool movies. Top of Page  


PLANET PROJECTS INFORMATION GUIDE (Mrs. Kramer's Class Resources) Welcome to the Planets collection of images from NASA's planetary exploration program.
 The Nine Planets A Multimedia Tours of the Solar System.
  • (Other interesting sites)
Exploring Planets in the Classroom More than 25 hands-on science activities (for teachers and students) for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.
 Orbital Space Settlements (Spreading life throughout the solar system)
Science Fair Central. ( Ages 7-18) If you ever struggled with a science fair project, this site's for you!
State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida Highlights of the 2000 Science and Engineering Fair of Florida.
Mr. McLaren's Science Fair Survival Page. A Junior High School teachers offers tips for creating a science fair project. This page has lots of good links.
Science Fairs Homepage: A Collection of Science Fair Ideas For All Levels.
 Cyberspace Middle School: Science Fair Project Ideas.

Mixed Science Resources BillNye.Com (Ages 5-11). Home page of Bill Nye, the Science Guy.
Scientific American Online Ideal for older children. Showcases the current issue of Scientific American. Ask-an-Expert lets you send in queries on any science topic.
 Get Transistorized! Learn about the most important inventions of the 20th century.
Ask a Physical Scientist - Physical Sciences.
The Weather Underground- The University of Michigan
The Weather Underground Get world-wide weather forcasts.
The Aurora Page All about atmosheric phenomenon.
Intellicast Current weather presented in frames.
Kids as Global Scientists Realtime inquiry-based weather curriculum. Top of Page  


Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom An awesome site by a middle school social studies teacher from Florida.
Medieval Times. Website created by a Bay County high school.
 Nation Geographic Xpeditions. (Ages 5-18) Kids can take place in interactive geography adventures. Plenty of on or off-line geography links.
  •   American Fact Finder. A resource from the U.S. Census Bureau, this site contains key spatial data and an online mapping program.
  •  The Earth from Space. See Earth the way the astronauts do with NASA’s photographs from space.
Geography at Get to the core of geography at this friendly and frequently-updated site.
The GLOBE Program. This U.S. government-sponsored site lets classrooms participate in collaborative projects to map regional and national phenomena.
Tiger Map Server. Focusing on the U.S., this site lets you choose exactly what shows up on your map.
United Nations CyberSchoolBus Resource Source. Compare global trends, demographic statistics, country profiles, flags, and photographs in this useful site from the United Nations.
Volcano World. This site is a rich source of scientific information about volcanoes, and posts updates on eruptions as they happen.
The History Net (Ages 10-18) Hundreds of links and articles about US and world history. Special sections on Civil War and World War II.
The CIA World Fact Book. (Ages 8 up) Courtesy of the helpful spies at the Central Intelligence Agency. Gather information about any country in the world.
BBC Online History Site. (Ages 7 up) Web sites about British and world history from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Kids will enjoy playing detective in an interactive archeology game, as well as research their family tree and coat of arms.
The History Wiz. (Ages 8-18) Articles and links about various historical topics. This site exhibits illustrate some of the most tragic episodes in modern history like the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide.
 Census Bureau's FactFinder Retrieve facts and information about your community and regional economy.


Children's Creative Theatre Page Fun games and acting techniques.
Cyber Playground. (Ages 15 up) Brings the Arts to the web. The main attraction of this site is an extensive list of links to art sites where kids can take free painting classes or write folk tales with Native American elders.
National Museum of American Art (Ages 7-18) American art is the focus of the Smithsonian Institute's website. Art experts will answer kids' questions by e-mail.
The Refrigerator Art contest for kids.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Lots of cool stuff for kids.
American Museum of Photography The ultimate storybook of photography. Top of Page  


American with Disabilities Act AbilityHub - Assistive Technology for computers and disability.
John Hopkins University (Gifted Education)


Britannica.Com. (Ages 8 up) Online version of the venerable reference collection. Search engine will seek out web sites, magazines, books, and Encyclopedia Britannica articles.
Ask Jeeves for Kids!. (Ages 8 up) Tired of answering your child's endless questions? Kids can submit questions on any topic and the results are presented in a kid-friendly format.
KidsClick! WebSearchWeb search for kids by librarians.
StudyWeb Links for Learning.
WordCentral.ComOnline Dictionary and activity site
Gateway to Educational Materials. (Ages 13 up) Online database of free and commercial educational websites. You can search 10,000 entries by subject or grade levels.
Education World. (Ages 14 up) A catalog of over 100,000 learning resources on the Internet.
EncycloZine An encyclopedia with fun "interactivities". Top of Page  



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