Lake Placid Middle School
2014-2015 Cheerleading Squad



Cheerleading Squad

Ariel Aldous
Savannah Albritton
Carly Davidson
Emily Edmondson
Julia Frost
Aubrey Lanier
Aubrey Reynolds
Haily Todd
Emarryah Wilson
Kaitlyn Varady
COACH: Jessie Tomblin


The Green Dragon Cheer Program focuses on three main purposes. First, the primary responsibility is to provide positive leadership for the student body and the Green Dragon community by developing school spirit and pride at all athletic events and students activities. Second, members are to provide each other with a vehicle for developing personal poise, physical strength, stamina, coordination, showmanship and teamwork. Third, team members will focus on begin positive role models for those in the cheer program, their peers at school, and the Green Dragon community.

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Please contact Coach Tomblin at:
(863) 699-5030 Ext:2806

 Last Modified: 30 April,2015