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Today is: Saturday,19 April,2014 01:02:59 PM

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Eng. 4 Blocked Lesson Plans
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The new nine weeks assignments have been listed. We are beginning a new unit, The Carpe Diem poems. Those resources are listed on the side navigation menu. Use them. They are the assignments we have in class. Try not to be absent, time is flying by and soon you will be looking at graduation and wondering what you can do to bring that grade up.
This weeks vocabulary words #34 are on the side navigation and the button.
If you are absent or if I have a sub, you will need to get the vocabulary words off of this website. Do not expect to be excused from taking the test. The words have been available. Be proactive! On Early Release Days we will not get the words in class, you will be expected to get them from the website.
When you cannot attend our class, you will find what you need to do by reading the Classwork and Classwork assignments section. I will try to keep this updated.
We are fully implementing the Common Core standards, and you will be reading and writing more than you thought. We plan to have you ready for college or the career of your choice by the time you graduate. Remember to "Begin With The End In Mind." Make everything you do draw you closer to graduation and a triuphant walk across that stage!
If you have questions, you may email me by my email address:
If you have suggestions on what needs to be included in this site, except the answers to the tests, of course, feel free to make those suggestions.
We really need to work quickly before graduation, so it will be really good if you can be in school everyday. If not, use this website. I plan to scan some of the work we will do in class and everything is on the side navagation. I will also post the worksheets done in class. So, if you are absent, you can print them, work them, and turn them in when you get back. That way you will not get behind.
I find it a privilege teaching you this year. I trust we will have a great year! Work hard to make it your best year ever, and one to remember.

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