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Untitled2365.pngThe Photomosaic fund raising project for the Jade Jackson Cancer Fund  (student from APH)  culminated in a phenomenal portrait designed by Anne Watson and created by the famed Robert Silvers using his world renowned process that incorporated the self-drawn images of over 6000 students from all over Highlands County into a single image.
Many of those that participated expressed interested in having a copy.
This portrait: Giving Transforms the Giver  is now available for purchase. All of the proceeds generated beyond the cost of the prints will be donated to the Jade Jackson Cancer Fund with the approval of Robert Silvers.  The link below will provide a way to order the print directly and have it shipped to your address.
From the site one can zoom into the picture to see the many smiling faces of Highlands County students.  Any of them would make a great Christmas present in fact.  

There are many different options available including greeting cards, art prints, canvas prints etc. Take a look and see how remarkable this opportunity is to see the faces of Highlands County as caring individuals
Kim Douberley & Tina Starling

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