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B-Cast is the official podcast of our classroom. Both teacher and student created shows will be uploaded. Subscribe/listen in iTunes by clicking or you can listen to the feed here if you don't have iTunes.

Mustang Radio is the official school-wide podcast at Cracker Trail Elementary, and is also broadcasted on 106.1FM in the drop-off parking lot! Subscribe/listen in iTunes or here if you don't use iTunes.

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Spelling games, lists, & more at Spelling City:

(Note: HAART student have a more advanced list than other 5th graders...)

All future/past spelling units can be found here.

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The B-Cast is the Official Podcast of Mr.Belanger’s 5th Grade at Cracker Trail Elementary.

This is a page that I have used for my professional development teaching. I have taught podcasting professional development courses. Here are some resources to go along with those classes.

Session I

  • Defining “podcasting”
  • Why are we learning this?
  • Usefulness & curriculum connections
  • Installation
    • iTunes
    • Audacity
    • Lame MP3 Converter
    • Update FirstClass client
  • Record & export first audio clip
  • Homework: Record introduction to your podcast

Session II

  • Deal with any questions or problems
  • FirstClass Web Publishing
  • Create Homepage (if needed)
  • Create Podcast Folder
  • Link from homepage to Podcast folder
  • Create New Episode/ upload MP3


Here are some videos I created to help you with podcasting.

My session II presentation

Podcasting For Haart Session2
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.


My session I presentation


How to record with Audacity.

How to upload to FirstClass.



Here are some tips to make your broadcast a success!

  • Know your segment VERY well. Have it close to memorized.
  • Speak slowly and clearly so that your audience can understand you.
  • Do not touch or move the microphone. You will hear it on the recording.
  • Be quiet if you are not the speaker. The microphone is sensitive and will pick up any little noises in the background.
  • Avoid rustling your papers when at the microphone. Put the paper on the table if you need to read from it.
  • Be interested in what you are saying – your voice will show it if you’re not!
  • Do not move around when speaking into the microphone- plant your feet!
  • Don’t get too close to the microphone. It will distort your voice and your audience won’t be able to understand you.


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